What is Diabetes?

What is Diabetes?

    Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus(DM) is a metabollic illness characterized by an excess amount of blood sugar over a prolonged period of time.It is usually found in adults however in this 21st century there is pre diabetes or early diabetes found in youngster's too.If not cared properly and treated well in the initial stages diabetes can damage majority of our body parts.


Different categories of diabetes are:

1.Type 1 Diabetes:It's a result of pancreas inability to produce insulin due to the loss of beta cells.The reason behind the loss of beta cells isn't discovered yet as per many studies and research.

2.Type 2 Diabetes:In this case body won't produce enough insulin and sugar builds up in blood.If there is only a bit higher level of sugar in blood then it's called pre diabetes.

3.Gestational Diabetes:It's a kind of diabetes in which high blood sugar is found in pregnant women's who will not be having any historic back ground of diabetes.

Symptoms of diabetes:

a.Person with high blood sugar will loss too much of body weight and might feel fatigue too.

b.Polyuria is a condition found in people with diabetes in which they will be having increased urination.

c.Cuts on the body parts will be healed slowly and will be also having an itchy skin.

d.High blood sugar can cause glucose absorption in the lens, which will lead to vision loss.

e.Feeling thirsty or very hungry is one of the symptom.

f.Tingling,numbness or pain in hands or feet is observed in some diabetic patients.


As per researches there are no specific methods to prevent diabetes however majority of the cases can be prevented by:

a. Maintaining a normal body weight(can check body mass index ratio for it),yoga,engaging in physical acticities(more than 1 hour),healthy diet and a good sleep.

b.To prevent diabetes we may consume diets rich in fibre,grains,fish and vegetable oils.

c.Diabetes can be prevented to an extent by replacing sugar with jaggery(it is good for our respiratory system too).

c.A person with pre diabetic condition or initial level must avoid red meat,alcohol,saturated fats and tobacco smoking  to reduce it else it will reach an uncontrollable level.

d.Consumption of nuts,Oat meal,garlic(can be crushed  inside the milk) and wheat may prevent diabetes.

e.Herbal materials to control diabetes are triphala,rose apple,turmeric and neem.

Medication to control diabetes:




d.Sugar Nash

Note:Please consume above mentioned tablets only after consulting a doctor


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