Mesothelioma: Types, Symptoms, Causes , Diagnosis and Treatment


what is mesothelioma 

  It is a cancer which develops from the thin layer of the tissue that covers the outer surface of many of our internal organs such as  heart, abdomen and lungs. This thin layer is also termed as mesothelium.This deadly disease mostly affects our tissue in lungs and the chest wall, however it affects sac surrounding chest and the testis in some rare cases. Mesothelioma can be cured if it is diagnosed and treated early however in majority of the cases this illness is been identified at the last stage.After various researches it is been figured out that the root cause of this disease is exposure to asbestos(in 80 % of the cases).

   In the year 2015 it is been found that around 60,000 people suffer from mesothelioma and among those 32, 000 deaths were recorded.Hardly 10,000 people among these survived more than 5 years. In this article we will have a look at the types of mesothelioma, causes , diagnosis and it's cure.

types of mesothelioma

1. Pleural mesothelioma : it is the most common type of mesothelioma which is found in the lining of lungs, surveys conducted shows that almost 75% of the people suffering from mesothelioma have the pleural type.It got less survival rate among the other types, the patient experience pain due to fluid deposition in pleural space.It's symptoms may not appear for 20-50 years.

2. Peritonal mesothelioma : it occurs in lining of the abdomen, after the pleural type it is the second major type of mesothelioma.It is been found in almost 15-20 % of the patients suffering from this disease.

3. Pericardial mesothelioma : it occurs in the sacs surrounding heart, it is very rare and hardly been found in 200 patients.The average life expectancy of people with pericardial mesothelina is just 6 months however some patients getting better treatment and who got diagnosed early live for years.

4. Testicular mesothelioma : it occurs in the sacs surrounding testicles, it is the most rare type of mesothelina with hardly 100 cases reported in medical history.It's average life expectancy is 2 years(which is more than pericardial mesothelioma) and patients suffering survives more if they get better treatment.

symptoms of mesothelioma

a) symptoms of pleural mesothelioma

i) shortness of breathe (it might be due the collapsed lungs)

ii) weight loss

iii) chest wall pain (due to the accumulation of fluid in pleural space)

iv) extreme tiredness or laziness throughout the day

v) cough

b) symptoms of peritonial mesothelioma

i) abdominal pain (due to the accumulation of fluid on abdomen)

ii) poor appetite

iii) night sweats

iii) weight loss

iv) constipation

v) issues with bowel function

vi) fever

c) symptoms of pericardial mesothelioma

i) heart failure

ii) shortness of breathe

iii) chest pain

iv) cough

v) palpitations

d) symptoms of testicular mesothelioma

i) scrotal swelling (due to build-up of fluid in scrotum)

ii) painless scrotal mass

causes of mesothelioma

a) exposure to asbestos is the main cause for mesothelioma. People are exposed to asbestos in: areas where mining occurs, road construction works are going on, through asbestos containing soil and areas weathered with asbestos containing rock.

b) occupational exposure to asbestos: people working with asbestos fibre industries and talc mines are highly exposed to asbestos.

c) family members of asbestos workers have a high risk of developing mesothelioma and even respiratory diseases due to the exposure of asbestos from their wokplace clothes and hair. To avoid the risk the workers working in asbestos workplace and talc mines may wash their clothes before leaving workplace.

d) when few people with mesothelioma are examined in america it is been found that few among them have developed it from germinal mutation.

v) it is often developed from exposure to fibrous silicates.

mesothelioma diagnosis

i) diagosis is suspected with imaging scans followed by biopsy for confirmation.The doctor will be examining the swelling/lumps folllowed by the X-ray and the lung function test.

ii) CT scan and MRI are done to check the abnormalities

iii) biopsy: different biopsy is done for each type of mesothelioma.

a) for pleural mesothelioma thoracoscopy is done in which a small cut is been made on chest walls and a small called thoracoscope is been placed between 2 ribs which helps doctor to collect tissue samples from the chest.

b)  for peritonal mesothelioma laparoscopy is been done in which the tissue is been collected from the abdomen.

mesothelioma treatment

a) Surgery: In several cases when mesothelioma is diagnosed in early stages the surgeon will work to remove the tumour however in some cases it is impossible to remove the tumour. In majority of the cases even if it is not possible to completely remove the tumour the surgery may help to reduce the symptoms.Surgery is been done to remove the fluid build up or the tissue present in the abdominal cavity.

b) Radiation therapy: it uses powerful photon beams( which contains X-Rays) that kills the cancer cells.

c)Chemotherapy: it includes the highly effective medications which are been either injected to body or taken orally to destroy the cancer cells.

d)Immunotherapy: nivolumab and ipilimubab are two antibodies which when combined decreases the growth of the cancerous tissue.

mesothelioma survivors diet 

Cancer-Fighting foods and herbs name are shared below:



c)greek yoghurt


e)beans and lentils


e)green vegetables and fruits

mesothelioma survival rate

mesothelioma survival rate is usually 4-18 months and it also depends upon the type of mesothelioma.There are rare cases in which some people have survived for 10-20 years after the diagnosis, as I have mentioned earlier in the article the survival rate of this deadly disease is less than 10 %. 

The mesothelioma survival rate also depends upon which part of our body it got affected, treatment facility which patience is getting, immunity/health condition of the patient and how early the disease got diagnosed.

what is asbestos

since this term is been used multiple time in articles and is been considered as the root cause of mesothelioma let me define about it. Asbestos is a natural mineral and carcinogen which is been wildely used in fire-retardent coatings, sheets, concretes, brick, pipes and insulation. An image of asbestos is shared below.

what is asbestosis

asbestosis is a long-term inflammation or scarring in the lungs due to the exposure to asbestos fibre.It usually happens with the workers who directly get in contact with the asbestos fibres.It's symptoms are shortness of breathe, cough and chest tightness.If not treated well in the initial stages then it might lead to mesothelioma, lung cancer and pulmonary heart diseases.

mesothelioma treatment centres you can refer the website shared for getting

ideas regarding the best treatment centres.

how to make a mesothelioma claim

If a person or anyone in his family got diagnosed for mesothelioma and if found affected then he can claim for the mesothelioma settlement. I would always suggest you to hire a mesothelioma attorney who can share vast information on what all benefits you can enroll if you got affected due to a company.

The average mesothelioma settlement amount which a person usually claim in US state is 1-1.5 million US dollars however there are many cases found where many affected patients had claimed a huge amount in between 10-20 million US dollars.

There is also asbestos trust fund is been created on behalf of negligent asbestos companies that have gone bankrupt. The amount set in the asbestos trust fund in US is around 30 billion US dollars.The patient who got diagnosed for mesothelioma and got affected by it can claim for this fund when manufacturers refer to chapter 11 banckruptcy protection.

asbestos mesothelioma laswsuit

For finding mesothelioma attorney assistance in US you can either refer google or mesothelioma lawyer's website by The claim for mesothelioma settlement fund should be made in between 1-6 years. People who can refer a asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit are a) employers who got exposed to asbestos by their company b) people who lost their family members due to asbestos exposure c) people who used asbestos made product in day to day life. 


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