how to stay positive no matter what : 11 effective and simple ways

how to stay positive

" THERE IS ALWAYS A POSITIVE IN EVERY SITUATION "  this uplifting quote is true indeed since there is always a solution for each and every problem in our life.In this article we will be discussing about how to stay positive and motivated during tough times, I strongly believe that in this modern era with deadly diseases,unemployment,toxic lifestyle,work pressure and various other problems: a large number of fellow beings will struggle being positive. Keeping a positive mindset will help you in all circumstances like anger,sadness,challenges,mental breakdown and even when you are ill.

    Various studies  conducted have proved that people who think positive have lower risk of dying due to diseases like heart attack,brain stroke,tumours and other cardio vasuclar diseases.People with positive thinking will have an edge over other people like they will have more energy level,low anxiety attacks/mental health problems,better quality of life,better physical health, positive mind to tackle any challenges and also a longer life span.


1.Positive Affirmations

  Studies show that positive affirmations leads to positive thinking.Positive affirmations are self talk which we affirms to ourself with full confidence and faith, when these positive affirmations made by us reaches our subconscious mind then our life starts attracting good things and we will feel like we are like a magnet attracting all good things.However the daily positive affirmations made by us need to bypass our conscious mind and then reach our subconscious mind since most of the times our  concious mind acts like a barrier.Let me share an example of conscious mind acting like a barrier while affirming: When a person who is ill or hospitalized affirms himself that he/she is well then his conscious mind may question him by saying you aren't well and that's the reason you are hospitalized/under medications.To make our positive affirmations reach our subconscious mind we need to affirm at a particular time when our conscious mind won't be much active: the best time to affirm is during the night before sleep, morning and while meditating.

2.Celebrate the small wins

   It is one of the best and simple way to stay positive and feel happy. We need to celebrate the small wins in our life.I celebrate small wins saying: I am awake,I am breathing,I am getting food everyday, I have good parents/siblings, I have a roof over me, there are so many beautiful things around me or I have a good job.Practicing gratitude is always a good habbit, at hard times or during depression no matter how bad things turn out we must be always greatful for the blessings which we got.We may imagine other fellow beings who struggle to leave a good life struggling from family problems,deadly diseases,relationship problems or mental health issues.It will attract more blessings in life and you will much better in life.

3.Remember that everything in life is temporary

  To stay positive in life we may always think that everything in our life is temporary whether it be anger,sad moments,illness,poverty,depression or challenges.When you are depressed or going through toughest phase of your life then you may affirm yourself that this is a temporary situation and won't last for long time or entire life.We should not feel depressed when we are uncomfortable, being uncomfortable is usually a good sign that you are about to break through but something good is going to happen.When good things happen to us after a breakdown then we will feel happy than usually we are while getting rewards in life.

4.Staying away from toxic people

  For staying positive you may spend more time with people who will motivate and lift you up in life, people with whom we spend time leave a big impact on our mind.You may spend less time with people who brings you down, talks about negative and judge you.Spend less time watching negative media news which will put a bad impact on your thoughs and start surfing things which are positive.To stay positive you can read positive blogs,check  positive quotes on internet, listen to inspirational musics, watch youtube videos of motivational speakers and even read good books.

5. Do exercises and physical activities daily

 For a positive mind you may indulge yourself in physical activities or exercise daily.Various researches have proven that physical activities keeps you both mentally and physically fit.Doing exercises daily releases good mood endorphins which lifts up your mood.If you are a working professional and have less time for physical activities then you can start the day with a morning walk/jogging for 20 minutes followed by stretching exercises.If you have less work pressure or work hours then you can spend some time in sports like: badminton, football, cricket, basketball , volleyball or swimming.

6.Spending time with nature and going outdoors

   Spending time with nature gives us positive energy and also nourishes our mind.In this 21st century with modern gadgets,hectic job and busy schedule: people don't spend enough time with nature.To spend time with nature you can visit nearest park or go for vacations on: beaches, riverside, villages or hillstations.If you don't have enough time to go outside then you can surround your home and workplace with plants.I have planted useful herbs like tulsi,aloe vera,turmeric and curry leaves in my garden.


   Meditation helps us to stay positive if we do it atleast 10 minutes a day.Doing meditation daily:gives us new perspective to manage stress in life,reduces our depression, better focus on present, improves patience and tolerance, improves metabolism, improves our creativity and also helps us to concentrate on our day to day life tasks.It also improves us to come out of the past and not worry about the future.One of the easiest way to do meditation is sit quietly after closing your eyes and focusing on your breathe.

8.Adequate sleep

   Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep can bring negativity in our mind.People who don't sleep well might feel low,fatigue and depressed.To stay positive you may atleast sleep for 7-8 hours since it recovers your mind from stress.Adequate amount of sleep helps you to stay focused,happy,less short tempered and stressful.People who can't go bed early some techniques which might help you to fall asleep.The technique which worked on me is drinking garlic crushed boiled milk with a pinch of turmeric and half teaspoon honey in it.After drinking this I slowly rub my nostrils with olive oil/ghee,also massage my left and right side of head (nerves connecting eye and head) with olive oil/ghee.After done with the massaging process I go to bed and sleep in a straight posture, I also keep my mobile and laptop away from me.Practicing this might help you to fall asleep else you can watch youtube videos on figuring out methods to fall asleep.

9.Sharing positivity with others and helping others

  To stay positive in life you may also share positivity with other fellow beings surrounding you.You may share positivity with others and help them to maintain a positive lifestyle.You can appreciate others for their achievements in life even if it's small, if a person is having depression/mental health issues then you can ask him to share his problems with you, you an join their happiness/hard times to show your support or you can engage in social activities to help poor people or who are in need of basic amentities.

10.Be open to humour

   Researches have proven that a person who laugh more got a long life span as compared to one who stay depressed.Be open to humour in all situations and surround yourself with funny people who cracks jokes.I have seen people doing yoga in which they laugh for 2-3 minutes with loud sound, since pretending yourself to laugh also improves mood and reduces stress.To laugh everyday you can watch standup comedians show on youtube, watch pranks on youtube or watch cartoon shows.

11.Reducing worries

  The habit of worrying is something which can damage your mental and physical health.It blocks you being optimistic and  positive.To stop worrying you may ask your mind that are these things gonna really happen in your life.I used to worry about strokes and heart attacks when I was in college, later on I affirmed myself that I am fit and all my medical reports are fine so I won't have an major stroke or heart attack.To reduce worries you may figure out solutions and actions which you can take to reduce that worry.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this article and will implement majority of the things mentioned above in your life to STAY POSITIVE.


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  2. Completely agree with all the points discussed.

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