Menstrual disorders:Causes,Types,Symptoms and Cure


What does menstrual disorder mean?

     Menstrual disorders are abnormal/disruptive symptoms which occurs during the menstrual cycle.It can be physical as well as emotional symptoms like too much of bleeding,pain during menstruation,irregular periods,missed period,depression,mood swings,irritation and extreme fatigue.A person with menstrual disorders may have periods that come sooner that 21 days,more than 2-3 months or even in 10-15 days.It need to be analyzed and proper treatment need to be taken inorder to avoid the risk in future reproductive ability and other uterus related issues(like infections).

   In this article I will suggest some modern day medications as well as some kashayam,tailas(oil) and tablets which ayurveda prefers to heal menstrual dosorders.Apart from medications we will aslso have a look at the diet,yoga,physical activities,herbs and the lifestyle which need to be followed to minimize the effect of menstrual disorders.

What causes menstrual disorders?

1.Some non-cancerous growth of uterus, which is often known as uterin fibroids is one of the major cause of menstrual disorders.Uterin fibroid usually develops during the childbearing years and it never leads to cancer.

2.It can be genetic, like other illness menstrual disorders can be also inherited one.

3.Menstrual disorders may occur due to some of the sexually transmitted infections like Gonorhhea, HPV,Chlamydia and HIV.

4.Hormonal imbalances in woman can cause menstrual disorders.

5.Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which is also known as PCOS can also lead to menstrual disorders in which cysts develops on the ovaries.

6.Clotting disorders

7.Excessive consumption of junk food and improper digestion.

8.Physcological conditions like anger grief etc.

9.Intake of meat,alcoholic beverages,sour,salty and fermented food.

Types of menstrual disorders

1.PreMenstrual Syndrome (PMS) : it occurs in the two weeks leading to menstruation.It's symptoms are mild but for some woman it's moderate.During PMS there will be uncontrollable mood swings,panic attacks,increased appetite,too much of cravings for food and headache.

2.Amenorrhea : it is the absence of menstrual periods in a woman during the reproductive age.It's physiological states are seen during the pregnancy and breast feeding period, apart from reproductive period it can also occur during the childhood too.

3.Polymenorrhea : it is the condition in which cycles occurs within 21 days or fewer days.

4.Oligomenorrhea : it is light and infrequent menstruation in which intervals exceed more than 35 days.

5.Hypomenorrhea : it is a menstrual condition with very light bleeding.

6.Menorrhagia : is a heavy and prolonged menstrual period

7.Premenstrual disphoric disorder : is a menstrual disorder in which severe mood swings occur, which effects cognitive and physcial functions in the week leading up to menstruation.

What are the symptoms of menstrual disorders?

1.Abnormal Uterine bleeding:any bleeding which last more than 7-9 days.

2.Very heavy bleeding

3.Uncontrollable mood swings

4.Depression ad panic attacks

5.Cramps and Pain

6.Fullness or bloating in the abdomen

Management of menstrual disorders

Intake of tablets(medication) might give some relief however we need to maintain a healthy diet,sleep,exercises and few more things to fix/get relief from menstrual disorders.I have listed about yoga,diet,physical activities and few other things which should be done to fix menstrual disorder issues:

1.Consumption of Almond milk is good for menstrual disorders since it fixes the hormonal imbalance.

2.Start the day with Pranayama(yoga),massage the lower abdomen and nostrils with seasame oil.Practicing oil pulling is also good.

3.Increase the intake of diet rich in calcium and iron:eg:sardines,salmon,spinach,lentils,seeds and beans.

4.Do atleast 20-30 minutes of walking/physical activities and sleep for atleast 8 hours a day.

5.Consume luke warm water/hot water with half teaspoon of ghee in it.

6.Aloe Vera pulp with manjistha is good for menstrual disorders.

7.Consume kashayas like Sukumaram kashayam,Asokarishtam,Kantabhasmam and Lohabhasma.

8.Stop unhealthy habits like eating junk foods,drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

9.Special types of massage like Udvartana,internal and external use of tailas like Dhanvantaram.

10.Drink chamomile tea,eat more ginger,use essential oils and take multivitamin tablets.

                                                          Happy periods to all 


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