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How to boost your immune system : All simple and effective ways

    HOW TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM       Immune system is a group or network of biological processes which protects us from any diseases.It figure out and responds to various viruses , bacteria and pathogens.It also distinguishes between healthy tissues and these disease causing tissues.Plants.animals and humans all have an immune system:creating anti bodies to fight against diseases.In this modern era with COVID-19 pandemic and various other autoimmune diseases people are getting ill rapidly and spending lot of money in hospitals however immunity system is something which won't get boosted only with immune system boosting suppliments.       In this article I'll explain how to boost your immune system  via immunity boosting foods  , exercises to boost immune system , yoga to boost immune system , suppliments to boost immune system and foods that weaken the immunity system and before proceeding with all these we will also have a look at what are the signs of a weak immunity

Menstrual disorders:Causes,Types,Symptoms and Cure

  What does menstrual disorder mean?       Menstrual disorders are abnormal/disruptive symptoms which occurs during the menstrual cycle.It can be physical as well as emotional symptoms like too much of bleeding,pain during menstruation, irregular periods , missed period ,depression,mood swings,irritation and extreme fatigue.A person with menstrual disorders may have periods that come sooner that 21 days,more than 2-3 months or even in 10-15 days.It need to be analyzed and proper treatment need to be taken inorder to avoid the risk in future reproductive ability and other uterus related issues(like infections).    In this article I will suggest some modern day medications as well as some kashayam,tailas(oil) and tablets which ayurveda prefers to heal menstrual dosorders.Apart from medications we will aslso have a look at the diet,yoga,physical activities,herbs and the lifestyle which need to be followed to minimize the effect of menstrual disorders. What causes menstrual disorders?