Vitamin B: Types,Symptoms,Diet and Cure

  Vitamin B is a water soluble vitamin which is responsible for the red blood cells synthesis.It is much needed for the metabolism of the cells in our body.It is a vitamin which isn't much found in plants,fruits or vegetables so people who do not consume non-vegetarian diet might have lack of Vitamin B.Vitamin B complex is a dietary supplement which contains all the vitamin B compounds, it is consumed by the majority of people since we fail to meet the daily requirement which is 2.4 micrograms for an adult.

Vitamin B complex consist of:

a.vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

b.vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

c.vitamin B (Niacin)

d.vitamin B(Pantothenic acid)

e.vitamin B(Pyridoxine)

f.vitamin B(Biotin)

g.vitamin B(Folate)

h.vitamin B12 (Cobalamins)

What are the symptoms of lack of vitamin B?



3.Loss of vision

4.Weak muscles and might face difficulty while walking

5.Diarrhoea,constipation and gastric trouble.

6.Weak nerve(tingling or numbness of nerve)

7.Shortness of breathe

8.Heart Palpitations

9.Mentall illness like depression,anxiety,mood swings and memory loss too.

What foods contain Vit B?

1.Consuming green vegetables like broccoli,spinach,cauli flower and kai lan.

2.Fruits like avocado,banana and citrus fruits are rich in vitamin B.

3.Diary products:milk,cheese and paneer.


5.Grains:millets,barley and brown rice

6.Meat:salmon,red meat and chicken


Medications to boost vitamin B in our body:

1.Vitamin B12  capsules


3.Himalayan organics B12

4.Vitamin B complex Purayati

Note:Please consume above mentioned tablets only after consulting a doctor and make sure to get a test done for vitamin B since the symptoms mentioned above can be common with other health issues too.


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