Obesity:Causes,Symptoms and it's Cure(Weight Loss)


      Obesity is a condition in which the body fat(weight) increases to an extent that it will be damaging our health.There is an optimal weight for each individual as per the BMI(Body Mass Index), when it increases above the optimal level then it's called overweight (25-30 kg/m2) however once it's increase above 30 kg/m2 sqr then it's called obesity.The root cause of obesity isn't proven yet but experts have mentioned that some of the reasons are excess/poor diet,no exercises/walking and environmental factors.It also have correlation with some physical(diabetes,heart and kidney failure)  as well as mental health issues.In this article I'll share about some diets,exercises,herbs,vegetables and lifestyle to manage obesity.

 BMI                           Weight Status

 18.5                            Underweight

 18.5-25                       Normal weight

 25-30                          Overweight

 30 +                            Obesity

What causes obesity?

1.The primary root cause or the most common cause of obesity is the increase in amount of calories we intake via diet, day to day requirement of calories in our body is 2200-2500 calories( for woam it's 2000 calories required per day).

2.Consumption of junk food(high in calories and having high amount of sugar),irregular habit of eating, sugar drinks,drinking alcohol and comfort eating will result in to obesity.

3.Lack of cardio based exercises, walking and physical activities can result in to overweight/obesity, these days people are too much dependent on vehicles for travelling.

4.Intake of some medications and antidepressants can result in gradual increase of weight.

5.Health conditions like hypothyroidism,depression,insomnia and menopause might result in to obesity.

What are the warning signs of obesity?

1.Shortness of breathe while walking or climbing steps.

2.Tiredness or lack of energy to do day to day life task.

3.Joint pain and back ache

4.Eating disorders


6.Fat accumulation on waist and other body parts.

7.Low self-esteem,social anxiety and depression.

Can obesity be cured?

Yes Obesity can be cured if you will follow the lifestyle shared below with discipline and dedication:

1.The best way to reduce weight is via exercise,swimming,running/jogging and playing sports.In order to burn the fat or high calories in our body, we must spent atleast 30-45 minutes per day on any of these activities to sweat out the toxins and excess calories.

2.Avoid unhealthy lifestyle like drinking too much alcohol,sleeping too less or in excess,consuming too much sugar drinks and sweet food.

3.Use olive oil or plant based oil for cooking food.

4.Avoid red meat and start eating fish which is a healthy source of protein.

5.After waking up make habit of drinking a glass of lukewarm water with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in it.

6.Instead of drinking juices eat fruits:avocado,apple,guava,pineapple,pomegranate and berries are good to loose belly fat.

List of herbs to cure obesity:

1.Aloe Vera:it has medicinal properties to cut down unwanted fats from our body.Aloe Vera juice can be consumed for obesity,it might be too much difficult for a person to drink this juice due to it's odour and taste.For a better taste/odour we can add ginger/ginger paste,a green chilly and 1/4th teaspoon of salt while making this juice.

2.Triphala:it is prepared using dry fruits and few herbs(amla/indian gooseberry), it removes toxins(including fats) from our body and rejuvenates our metabolism.

3.Fenugreek(methi):it helps in good digestion and cutting down fat, it is often consumed by patients with diabetes since it lower down the blood sugar level.It can be consumed in seed form(soak in water overnight and chew it empty stomach in morning) or powdered form.

4.Cinnamon tea:drinking cinnamon tea with crushed black pepper in it cuts belly fat and improves metabolism.

5.Consume honey with equal amount of water in it for eg:for each 10 ml of honey add 10 ml of honey.

Exercises to loose weight/belly fat:

Apart from running/jogging/swimming you can add up any one of these exercises mentioned below each day to cut down bellyfat.You can google or search youtube to learn how to do these exercises properly.


b)Side Planks


d)Reverse crunches


f)Mountain climbers

g)Russian twists



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