Mesothelioma: Types, Symptoms, Causes , Diagnosis and Treatment

  Mesothelioma what is mesothelioma    It is a cancer which develops from the thin layer of the tissue that covers the outer surface of many of our internal organs such as  heart, abdomen and lungs. This thin layer is also termed as mesothelium.This deadly disease mostly affects our tissue in lungs and the chest wall, however it affects sac surrounding chest and the testis in some rare cases.  Mesothelioma can be cured if it is diagnosed and treated early however in majority of the cases this illness is been identified at the last stage.After various researches it is been figured out that the root cause of this disease is exposure to asbestos(in 80 % of the cases).    In the year 2015 it is been found that around 60,000 people suffer from mesothelioma and among those 32, 000 deaths were recorded.Hardly 10,000 people among these survived more than 5 years. In this article we will have a look at the types of mesothelioma, causes , diagnosis and it's cure. types of mesothelioma 1. 

Magnesium deficiency:Causes,Symptoms and Cure


  Magnesium deficiency is an illness in which the level of magnesium decreases in our body.It is basically an electrolytic disturbance in the body, which have some correlation with the pottasium level in our body as people with low level magnesium will also have low level pottasium in their body.It is a deficiency syndrome which don't have much medications like calcium or vitamin D deficiencies however there are many diet sources which can boost the magnesium level in our body.

Root causes of Magnesium deficiency and amount of Magesium our body needs a day:

1.The main root cause of the magnesium deficiency syndrome is the dietary intake of it.




5.Poor absortptions from the intestines

The day to day required intake of magnesium via diet per day is shown below:

Age                       Male                       Female  

19-30                    400 mg/day             310 mg/day 

30-50                    420 mg/day             320 mg/day 

What are the signs of low magnesium in the body?

1.Mucle twitches, cramps, convulsions and even seizures are found in people with very less magnesium amount in their body.

2.Poor sleep quality or disturbed sleep, a person with magnesium deficiency might not get a sound sleep of 7-8 hours.

3.Depression, mood variations and anxiety attacks will be there.

4.Constipation and digestion related issues.

5.Pain and soreness

6.Irregular heart beats

7.Fatigue(extreme tiredness)

8.Urinary cramps

9.Gastrointestinal cramps

10.Headaches,migraine,dizziness,confusion and poor concentration.

11.High blood pressure

Diets rich in Magnesium:

1.Spinach leaves,wheat grass  and Okra(lady finger) are vegetables rich in magnesium.

2.Nuts rich in magnesium are:Almonds,peanuts,cashew nuts and hazle nuts.

3.Seeds rich in magnesium are:Flak seeds,pumpkin seeds,sunflower seeds and Chia seeds.

4.Fruits rich in magnesium are:Avoccado and Banana.

5.Dark Choclate

6.Oysters and Sea snails.


Ayurveda medications for boosting magnesium level:

1.Fast & Up Magnesium and Zinc tablets

2.Magnesium Glycinate

3.Magnesium for anxiety(Fast & Up)

Note:Please consume above mentioned tablets only after consulting a doctor


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