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Obesity:Causes,Symptoms and it's Cure(Weight Loss)

          Obesity is a condition in which the body fat(weight) increases to an extent that it will be damaging our health.There is an optimal weight for each individual as per the BMI (Body Mass Index), when it increases above the optimal level then it's called overweight (25-30  kg / m 2 )   however once it's increase above 30  kg / m 2  sqr then it's called obesity.The root cause of obesity isn't proven yet but experts have mentioned that some of the reasons are excess/poor diet,no exercises/walking and environmental factors.It also have correlation with some physical(diabetes,heart and kidney failure)  as well as mental health issues.In this article I'll share about some diets,exercises,herbs,vegetables and lifestyle to manage obesity .  BMI                           Weight Status  18.5                            Underweight  18.5-25                       Normal weight  25-30                          Overweight  30 +                            Obesity What cau

Magnesium deficiency:Causes,Symptoms and Cure

     Magnesium deficiency is an illness in which the level of magnesium decreases in our body.It is basically an electrolytic disturbance in the body, which have some correlation with the pottasium level in our body as people with low level magnesium will also have low level pottasium in their body.It is a deficiency syndrome which don't have much medications like  calcium  or  vitamin D  deficiencies however there are many diet sources which can boost the magnesium level in our body. Root causes of Magnesium deficiency and amount of Magesium our body needs a day: 1.The main root cause of the magnesium deficiency syndrome is the dietary intake of it. 2.Alcoholism 3.Diarrhea 4.Medications  5.Poor absortptions from the intestines The day to day required intake of magnesium via diet per day is shown below: Age                       Male                       Female   19-30                    400 mg/day             310 mg/day  30-50                    420 mg/day             320 mg/day 

Vitamin B: Types,Symptoms,Diet and Cure

   Vitamin B is a water soluble vitamin which is responsible for the red blood cells synthesis.It is much needed for the metabolism of the cells in our body.It is a vitamin which isn't much found in plants,fruits or vegetables so people who do not consume non-vegetarian diet might have lack of Vitamin B. Vitamin B complex is a dietary supplement which contains all the vitamin B compounds, it is consumed by the majority of people since we fail to meet the daily requirement which is 2.4 micrograms for an adult. Vitamin B complex consist of: a.vitamin B 1 (Thiamine) b.vitamin B 2 (Riboflavin) c.vitamin B 3    (Niacin) d.vitamin B 5  (Pantothenic acid) e.vitamin B 6  (Pyridoxine) f.vitamin B 7  (Biotin) g.vitamin B 9  (Folate) h.vitamin B 12  (Cobalamins) What are the symptoms of lack of vitamin B? 1.Lightheadness 2.Fatigue 3.Loss of vision 4.Weak muscles and might face difficulty while walking 5.Diarrhoea,constipation and gastric trouble. 6.Weak nerve(tingling or numbness of nerve)