Vitamin D deficiency and it's cure


 Vitamin D/Calciferol  is a group of steroids which is responsible for increasing the intestinal absorption of calcium, phosphate, magnesium and few other substances in human beings.It is a vitamin which is much needed for survival and it's main source is Sun(Surya).The Vitamin D commonly found in humans are Vitamin D3 and Vitamin D2.Vitamin D deficiency can cause various physical and mental health issues, so it is mandatory to do Vitamin D checkups in a regular interval of time.People with fair skin and younger age converts sunlight into Vitamin D much better than people with dark skin and age over 45-50 years.

Importance of Vitamin D in our body:

a.It is much required for keeping our bones strong, in some childern's Vitamin D deficiency leads to a serious health condition called Rickets(weak and soft bones):which is a very dangerous and life threatening condition.

b.Absortption of Calcium:Calcium is much requird for our bones.Weak bones can also lead to osteoporosis,loss of density of bones and fractures of our bones.

c.Working of parathyroid gland and also maintains a good mental health.

Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency:

a.People with Vitamin D may experience extreme tiredenes and will have less interest in doing heavy task or day to day work.

b.It can cause mental heal issues like anxiety, mood swings and depression.

c.Muslce pain,cramps,weakness and twitching is found in people with Vitamin D deficiency.

d.It's deficiency can reduce your immunity making you sick freequently and might also get infected easily.

e.It can also cause bones and back pain, commonly found in women over 40 years age.

  Apart from alls these symptoms lack of Vitamin D can cause heart problems,diabetes,high blood pressure,prostrate cancer,breast cancer and even weight loss in some people.Though sunlight is the major source of Vitamin D we can also increase it's level in our body by consuming supplements and diet's rich in it.

Diet's rich in Vitamin D are mentioned below:


b.Egg Yolk

c.Orange Juice

d.Oats and Cereals


f.Soy milk and Cow milk.


Medications to overcome Vitamin D deficiency are mentioned below:

(These medicines should be only consumed after consulting a doctor, these are medicines are best and give better result according to my research)

a.Lumia 60K

b.Cholecalciferol granules 60000 Iu

c.Organic India Osteoseal

d.Uprise D3 60K capsules


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