Hair Loss(Baldness): Causes and Natural Remedies


   Hair Loss/Baldness is the loss of hair from head or different part of the bodies.50 % of the males and 25% of the females face hair loss by an age of 50.It's severity can vary from small portion to the entire body.Hair loss can cause stress or depression in some people, however we can control hair fall to an extent by consuming some food,vitamin suppliments and applying some oils.

Causes of Hair Loss:

1.In male hair loss can be caused due to a combination of genetics and the male hormones.

2.In female the cause for hair loss is unclear.It can be due to stressful events, usuaually it is common following pregnancy.

3.Pulling out of the hair.

4.Certain medications took for HIV,hypothyroid,malnutrition,Iron deficiency and the chemotherapy radiations.

5.Trauma such as child birth,poisoning,surgery and severe stress can cause hair loss.

6.Certain fungal infections can cause air loss.

7.Having bath in poluted water can cause hair loss(due to the chemical present in it).

Diagnosis for hair loss:

1.Trichoscopy: It's a non inasive method of observing hair and scalp using a dermosocope.

2.Scalp biopsy

3.The pluck test

4.The pull test

Mediacl treatments for hair growth:

1.Hair transplantation method is most common these days in which a part with hair follicles(donor site) is moved to bald part.

2.Laser therapy are used and found effective.

3.Platelete-rich plasma is injected in to the scalp which stimulates the hair growth in bald part.

Diet/Vitmains for hair growth:

1.Researches have proved that diet including more green vegetables and fruits helps to control hair fall, fish can be also included in diet since it contains essential acids which is good for hair.

2.Consumption of Vitamin D tablets is good for hairfall since calcium deficincy can cause hairfall.

3.Biotin(B7) deficiency can cause hair loss, some doctors suggest biotin for people with extreme hair loss.

Ayurveda based homely prepared hair oil for thick hair and to avoid hair loss:

     Based on my researches I found few ayurveda based hair oils and homely prepared hair oil effective over the modern medications to stop hair fall and nourish hair.Here I am going to explain how to prepare a hair oil rich in nutrients required for our hair.

Ingridients required:Coconut oil(1 litre),Amla(40gms),Brahmi leaves(40 gms),Aloe Vera(40gms),Small Onion(found in Kerala,40 gms),Hibiscus flower and it's leaves(40gms).

How to prepare:

1.Grind all the ingridients mentioned above in a grinder.

2.Take a vessel and put 1 litre of cococnut oil in to it.

3.Put the grinded ingredients in to vessel with coconut oil.

4.Heat it on medium/low flame until the ingredients turns in to a black residue kind.

5.Transfer the oil from vessel to another container and keep it closed for 24-48 hours, so that the oil may absorb all the medcinal property of that residue(also the fragnance).

6.After 48 hours remove the black residue from the oil and transfer it to a new bottle.

Allopathic/Ayurveda based medications for hair fall:


2.Organic Brahmi

3.Indulekha Hair Oil


Note:Please consume above mentioned tablets only after consulting a doctor


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