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Vitamin C: Deficiency issues,What if consumed in excess,Diet's to increase its level and medications.

     Vitamin C  which is also referred as ascorbic acid is a vitamin which is commonly found in citrus fruits and some other vegetables.It is a much needed in our body to keep our body immune against various diseases and keep us energetic throughout the day.It is used as a part of medication to heal scurvy (a Vitamin C deficiency disease in which tooth gums bleed and healed wound will get opened again).       It is a mandatory nutrient which is used to repair our tissues and synthesis of various neurotransmitters in our body.An adult requires minimum 30-40 gms of Vitamin C a day for avoiding it's deficiency.It doesn't get stored in our body so we need to tak intake it everyday via diet or medications. Effects of Vitamin C deficiency in our body: a.A person with Vitamin C deficiency will have a weak tooth gums and might even suffer from bleeding gums. b.May experience joint pain. c.Healed wounds will get opened again. d.Suffer from common cold and other auto immune diseases due

Vitamin D deficiency and it's cure

       Vitamin D/Calciferol   is a group of steroids which is responsible for increasing the intestinal absorption of calcium , phosphate , magnesium  and few other substances in human beings.It is a vitamin which is much needed for survival and it's main source is Sun(Surya).The Vitamin D commonly found in humans are Vitamin D 3 and Vitamin D 2. Vitamin D deficiency can cause various physical and mental health issues, so it is mandatory to do Vitamin D checkups in a regular interval of time.People with fair skin and younger age converts sunlight into Vitamin D much better than people with dark skin and age over 45-50 years. Importance of Vitamin D in our body: a.It is much required for keeping our bones strong, in some childern's Vitamin D deficiency leads to a serious health condition called Rickets(weak and soft bones):which is a very dangerous and life threatening condition. b.Absortption of Calcium:Calcium is much requird for our bones.Weak bones can also lead to osteoporo

Hair Loss(Baldness): Causes and Natural Remedies

          Hair Loss / Baldness is the loss of hair from head or different part of the bodies.50 % of the males and 25% of the females face hair loss by an age of 50.It's severity can vary from small portion to the entire body.Hair loss can cause stress or depression in some people, however we can control hair fall to an extent by consuming some food,vitamin suppliments and applying some oils. Causes of Hair Loss: 1.In male hair loss can be caused due to a combination of genetics and the male hormones. 2.In female the cause for hair loss is unclear.It can be due to stressful events, usuaually it is common following pregnancy. 3.Pulling out of the hair. 4.Certain medications took for HIV,hypothyroid,malnutrition,Iron deficiency and the chemotherapy radiations. 5.Trauma such as child birth,poisoning,surgery and severe stress can cause hair loss. 6.Certain fungal infections can cause air loss. 7.Having bath in poluted water can cause hair loss(due to the chemical present in it). Diagn