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Fever and it's home remedies

    Fever is also termed as pyrexia, it's a condition in which our body temperature raises above the set point limit(36.5-37.5 degree celsius).The increase in body temperature increases muscle contraction in our body which causes feeling of cold.The normal human body temperature is 37 degree celsius.Fever is also an indication of poor metabolism and other illness.      A fever can be caused by illness ranging from non-serious to life threatening.It can be caused due to common cold,urinary infection,malaria,jaundice,bacterial,viral or even fungal infection.In this article we will be having a look at the techniques or some mandatory things we need to follow inorder to heal fever within a day or two days. Classification of fever based on the temperature: 1.Mild/Low Grade Fever: During mild fever our body temperature vary from 100-102 degree Fahrenheit. 2.Medium Grade Fever: In this body temperature varies from 102-104 degree Fahrenheit. 3.High Grade Fever:In this body temperature rai