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Fatty Liver and it's cure

   What is Fatty Liver?   Fatty Liver is an illness where excess fat builds up in the liver. It is also termed as hepatic steatosis. Our liver help to process various nutrients from the food we eat and it also play a major role in the filtering out toxic substances from blood. Like other illness it can also be healed with proper medications, lifestyles and surgery if required. If not treated properly it may lead to serious liver damage which may even result in to death. In this article we will have a look at the types of fatty liver, difficulties faced by people having fatty liver, medications and lifestyle to heal it. There are blood test(LFT), imaging of the liver and biopsy to identify all the changes in liver. Types of fatty liver: 1.Alcoholic Fatty Liver: It develops in a person who drinks a lot of alcohol. 2.Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver: found in people who doesn't drink alcohol, a major portion of crowd in European countries and America is affected by Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver

How to improve our lung's breathing capacity?

          In this era of modern machines,vehicles and pollution breathing issue/respiratory diseases are illness faced by a few portion of the crowd.According to various researches and survey almost 65 million people in this planet earth suffer from respiratory diseases out of which 3 million people demise.It is been considered as the third largest cause of death.But there isn't much risk if you will cure it in the initial stages itself by maintaining a healthy lifestyles and few activities by which you can improve your lung's breathing capacity. Some major causes of breathing issue are: a.Asthma b.Blood clot in lungs c.Injured neck d.Bronchitis e.Pneumonia f.Anemia g.Cough    A person with difficulty in breathing might face other difficulties like palpitations,dizziness,vomiting, sweating,coughing up blood and might even have anxiety.Prevention is always better than cure, even if you don't have any of the above mentioned issues or any sort of breathing issues still you can

Cholesterol and it's cure(drugs and ayurveda based lifestyles)

 What is Cholesterol?       Cholesterol is an organic molecule, this term got derived from an ancient Greek word cholestereos which means bile(chole) solids(stereos).It is a precursor which helps our body in biosynthesis of bile acid,vitamin D,adrenal gland,calcium, and steroid hormones.The major dietary source of cholesterol include red meat,human breast milk,egg yolks,fish oil and butter.The cholesterol level should be always balanced in our blood else it may lead to heart attacks,strokes,high blood pressure and other physical issues. Cholesterol can be classified in to 2 types: a. Bad Cholesterol (Low density lipoproteins)-it is commonly termed as LDL Cholesterol. b. Good Cholesterol (High density lipoproteins)-it is commonly termed as HDL Cholesterol.      The LDL cholesterol is the one which need to be lowered if it goes above the cut off level, as per research a drug called phytosterols(found in plants ) reduce LDL cholesterol by 12% if a person consume 2.1 grams of it a day.