Abhyanga and it's health benefits


   Abhyanga is a form of Ayurveda massage done with warm oil(not too hot), the best part being it is done from scalp of our head to the soles of our foot.Ayurveda believes and already proved that majority of the health issues can be healed by proper diet,herbs and massage.The oil used for massage can vary from person to person depending upon their body types(Vata,Kapha or Pitta).The base oil used for massage is Seasame oil.

   It differ's from many western massages because it's not that deep as them, It is done to nourish the entire body with touch and the rich oil.

How to do Abhyanga massage?

    Abhyanga massage can be done by ourself or with the help of a massage therapist.While doing abhyanga one is supposed to be in a towel or minimum clothe since oil need to be applied to the majority of our body parts.
    The oil with which we will be massaging the body need to be filled inside an empty bottle(which is easily squeezable) and put the bottle in to hot water until oil is warm enough to do the massage.Once the oil is warm apply it gently to the entire body.We can start massaging in a circular motion from the scalp then slowly move to other part's like ears,cheeks, nose and entire face.once done with face parts slowly move to your chest and abdomen which you can massage in clockwise motion.

    Make sure to massage elbows and joints in a circular motion.Stretch legs and arms then massage in straight motion towards the direction of our chest.Ayurveda always prefer to massage towards heart for increasing the blood flow.At last massage the foot finger's and sole.Once done with the massage keep it on body for 10-15 minutes and then remove it by having a hot shower bath.

Benefits of Abhyanga massage:

1.It reduces the heart beat by slowing down the heart rate in case of people with high heart beats. 

2.It control blood pleasure for people with high blood pressure.

3.It improves skin health by giving glow to skin, removing pigmentation and wrinkles

4.It removes joint and ligament's pain

5.It keeps mind cool and calm, hence people with severe anxiety and depression might feel a bit calm after doing an abhyanga massage

Oil used for different body types and herb's used in it:

Vata:Use seasame, almond or avacado oil

Pitta:Sunflower oil 

Kapha:flaxseed or any light oils can be used

Basil, cloves, lotus root and turmeric are the main herb's used to mix with above  mentioned oils.In southern part of India these herb's are mixed and heated up in a saucepan with Cocunut oil or seasame oil.The herb's are left as it is in the saucepan and covered for 24 sours inorder to get a better medicinal property.After 24 hours the herb's are removed from the oil and used for massage.



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