Panchakarma and it's health benefit's


    Panchakarma is a fivefold Ayurvedic treatment done in order to detoxify and rejuvenate the entire body as well as mind, it is derived from Sanskrit word  panch(five) and karma(action), which means five treatments.It is an old practice which is been followed from ancient time(Vedic period) that is about 5000 years ago.It boost body's immune system and restore the balance too.

      Our body has a tendancy to remove the toxins from our body including the vitiated doshas.However our body won't be able to remove these toxins(including doshas), the reason being poor execrcise,diet,hormones and digestive system.In such cases our body need's treatment like Panchkarma.Several developed countries like America,European countries and Canada have established centres which perform Panchakarma.

    According to Ayurveda our body consist of 3 doshas-Kapha,Vata and Pitta, out of which anyone of these will be predominating.Once there is an imbalance occurs in these doshas then the disease or ill condition appears.Ayurvedic practitioner's strongly believe that a disease or illness is an outcome of poor diet and bad health habits.

       Toxic substance accumulated in human body is termmed as Ama in ayurveda, which interferes with the proper functioning of the body and flow of energy resulting in to diseases and imbalance in body.Here comes the role of panchakarma which will be removing the excess Ama in the body and increase the digestive power of the body(which is called Agni in Ayurveda).

5 parts of Panchakarma






   It is also called forced vomiting which is done inorder to clear the upper gut of the body.In this process certain emetic drugs are given to an ill person with diseases or difficulties like Asthma,Food Poison and other lungs related issues.Once the emetic drug plays it's role the patient will be vomiting in few spells which will be cleansing and removing the toxic material(Ama) from the upper gut.


  It is a purifactory treatment like Vaman(forced vomiting) which will be removing the toxic from lower part of the body.It will be benefiting the Kapha and Pitta doshas.It will be giving various benefits like curing piles, constipation, skin issues,cataract related issues and chronic issues.


  It is one of the most interesting Panchakarma since it will be  helping in anti-aging by giving a glow to the whole body.It is usually done for people with Vata dosha dominated.The medicine used for Vasti will be herbal oil  which will be giving a relief to Head,Ear ache,Humming in the year,deaffness.It usually take 7 days to complete Vasti.


  Nasya is the process of transferring the medicine to head via the nasal route.Depending upon the mixture of herbs and the variations pharmacological actions used for treatment nasya can be further classified in to different types like Navana nasya, Avapida nasya,Dhmapana nasya,Pratimarsha nasya,Phala nasya and and Patra nasya.


  Raktamoshana is the process of removing the impure or toxic blood from the body.A leach is used to remove the impure blood from the body, it will be sucking the toxic blood from the human body and after a certain period of time once it sucks all the impure blood the leach will be removed from the body.

Diseases/health issues which Panchakarma heals are mentioned below:

c.Chronic diseases
e.Hyper tension
f.Heart diseases
g.Nervous disorder

Precautions and Prescription:

  Some Panchakarma might not suit for small kids,pregnant women's and people with severe depression.Panchkarma need to be done from expert's and should be done after getting a prescription from an Ayurvedic practitioner or a doctor.This technique might be a bit costly in countries like USA since it might cost a person around 400-500 USD a day which may last for 7 days but it will be worth it since it will give a lifetime benefits to the human body. 


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