Cold Water Shower and it's health benefits

Hello fellow beings here I am back with a new lifestyle which will help you to boost your immunity and at the same time it will help you beating stress also.Today we are going to learn about what is cold water shower and it's health benefits.

What is Cold Water Shower?

Any shower's with a temperature below 70 degree Fahrenheit/ 21.11 degree Celsius can be termed as a Cold Water Shower.It is a hydrotherapy technique  which is been practiced over centuries in most part of the world to adapt our body with to harsher condition's by making a person both physically and mentally adaptable to any condition's

What is the best time to do Cold Water Shower and for how many minutes you can have it?

The best time I'll prefer to have cold water shower based on my research is 4:30 -5:30 a.m in the early morning.You can have 2 Luke warm glass of water then clean up your intestines and then go for a cold water shower.

Cold water shower can last for 30 seconds to 2 minutes for an average person but those who practice it for years and find more pleasure in practicing this technique do it for 5-10 minutes.A person who find it difficult to have shower in cold water directly can start the shower with a bit Luke warm water mixed with cold water mixed with cold water and after few minutes they can shift it to completely cold water.

What are the health benefits?

1.Cold water shower plays a vital role in increasing the will power, a man with a good will power can survive to any disease without having modern day medications.A regular cold water shower will give you the will power of a shaolin monk or people found in himalaya's doing meditation from years.

2.Cold water shower will help you to diminish your stress and depression.It will make your nervous system to be resilient to depression and stress which you face in your day to day life.It will lower down the level of Uric acid and boost up Glutathione which will reduce stress.

3.It will nourish your Skin and Hair.It will help both skin and hair not to loose many natural oils which are present in it.It will result in less rashes on skin and less hairfall which majority of the modern youth's are facing.

4.It will help you in cutting down the unwanted fats(white fat's) in the body, people who find it difficult to do swimming or other workouts can use cold water shower to cut down the unwanted bad fat.

5.Cold water shower plays a crucial role in increasing the testosterone level in the blood, male testicles should be always at a lower temperature than normal body so having cold water shower will increase the level of testosterone level whereas a hot water shower will do the reverse.

6.It will improve the blood circulation in the body by supplying it to whole part of your body.

7.It will help you in muscle recovery, if there is any muscle tension or spasm in the muscles then a regular cold water shower can fix it for you, that's the reason majority of the athletes and fitness enthusiast make cold water shower a daily practice

8.It will improve your metabolism by improving your digestion.

9.It will help you to wake up early, will help you to get motivated to do hard work whole day which will result in a good sleep


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