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Panchakarma and it's health benefit's

Panchakarma     Panchakarma is a fivefold Ayurvedic treatment done in order to detoxify and rejuvenate the entire body as well as mind, it is derived from Sanskrit word  panch(five) and karma(action), which means five treatments.It is an old practice which is been followed from ancient time(Vedic period) that is about 5000 years ago.It boost body's immune system and restore the balance too.         Our body has a tendancy to remove the toxins from our body including the vitiated doshas.However our body won't be able to remove these toxins(including doshas), the reason being poor execrcise,diet,hormones and digestive system.In such cases our body need's treatment like Panchkarma.Several developed countries like America,European countries and Canada have established centres which perform Panchakarma.     According to Ayurveda our body consist of 3 doshas- Kapha,Vata and Pitta , out of which anyone of these will be predominating.Once there is an imbalance occurs in these dosh

Cold Water Shower and it's health benefits

Hello fellow beings here I am back with a new lifestyle which will help you to boost your immunity and at the same time it will help you beating stress also.Today we are going to learn about what is cold water shower and it's health benefits. What is Cold Water Shower? Any shower's with a temperature below 70 degree Fahrenheit/ 21.11 degree Celsius can be termed as a Cold Water Shower.It is a hydrotherapy technique  which is been practiced over centuries in most part of the world to adapt our body with to harsher condition's by making a person both physically and mentally adaptable to any condition's What is the best time to do Cold Water Shower and for how many minutes you can have it? The best time I'll prefer to have cold water shower based on my research is 4:30 -5:30 a.m in the early morning.You can have 2 Luke warm glass of water then clean up your intestines and then go for a cold water shower. Cold water shower can last for 30 seconds to 2 minutes for an ave